Anal shine

The surface of glossy anal plug is smooth and pleasantly cold to the touch, which causes intense sensations while sliding trough the body. It`s bumpy conical shape deeply stimulates arousing anal and vaginal points.
It can be worn secretly all day to enjoy the internal feelings of its deepening and expanding.
Sexuality spiced up with this shiny plug leads to brilliant orgasms.


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Material: aluminum alloy
Color: silver
Product size:
S: length 66 mm, diameter 19 mm
M: length 75 mm, diameter 25 mm
L: length 83 mm, diameter 30 mm

After use, clean with a gentle antibacterial soap, rinse, air dry and store in a cool, dry place.


6,6 cm I do 1,9 cm


7,5 cm I do 2,5 cm


8,3 cm I do 3 cm