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These websites provide general information about company Drzno, poslovno svetovanje, d.o.o.

Long title PRS: Drzno, poslovno svetovanje, d.o.o.

Long title PRS: Drzno, poslovno svetovanje, d.o.o.

Tax number: 81627742

Registration number: 8452296000

Bank account at: Delavska Hranilnica d.d.

Bank address: Miklošičeva cesta 5, 1000 Sl-Ljubljana

IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 2310 250


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Limitation of liability:

This website has been designed to provide general information about a tpredrzna website. The contents of the website are of an informative nature. Company Drzno d.o.o. does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the published data or for any damage that may be caused to the user of the website as a result of the use of information on the website. We reserve the right to refer users to other sites on the web and assume no responsibility for their content.

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They may be reproduced exclusively for non-commercial purposes, provided that all stated copyright or other notices are maintained. On each reproduction (copy, reproduction, publication, transmission), Tpredrzna must be indicated as the source.

General conditions of use:

Please read carefully the following general terms and conditions of the website and the store (general terms and conditions), as they are binding from the moment you enter our website.

The general terms of use are valid on all pages of the website. If the event that you do not agree with the offered general terms and conditions, please do not view the site and make a purchase on our e-shop.

You are deemed to have been acquainted with the entire content of the general terms and conditions with each visit or transaction made through our e-shop, and you have agreed to the offered general terms and conditions without restrictions.

In the future, until the revocation or amendment of the applicable general terms and conditions, you are bound by these general terms and conditions at each inspection or transaction performed on our web page or on the websites of our potential branches, subsidiaries or affiliates and their parties.

Company Drzno d.o.o. reserves the right to make any changes, partly or in whole, to any part of the General Terms and Conditions without prior notice. The changes are valid from the moment of publication on the above-mentioned websites.

Company Drzno d.o.o. undertakes to conduct e-commerce operations in accordance with all applicable legislation on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, in particular the Act of Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act, the Personal Data Protection Act, the Code of Obligations, the Consumer Protection Act and the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

All dispositive provisions of the legislation valid on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia are explicitly and without any restrictions interpreted in favor of Company Drzno d.o.o., except in cases explicitly defined in these general terms and conditions or in other documents drawn up by Drzno d.o.o., which must be in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions only in writing.

Company Drzno d.o.o. through its e-commerce business strives to ensure that all information published on the e-commerce pages is accurate and up to date, however, Drzno d.o.o. reserves the right to make any changes to the textual, pictorial or audio material on the pages without prior notice.

Also, Drzno d.o.o. does not commit itself to the correctness and completeness of the data on the e-commerce pages, nor does it commit itself to the correctness and completeness of the textual, pictorial or audio material.

All communication between the customer and Drzno d.o.o. and its contractual partners or their proxies in electronic form shall be deemed to have been performed in writing and shall have the force of contract.

The e-shop is open 24 hours a day, every day. Due to technical or other reasons, business through our e-shop or even the access to the store itself is occasionally not possible.

In that matter Drzno d.o.o. reserves the right to restrict or suspend the sale of some or even all products for a definite or indefinite period or to restrict or suspend access to the e-commerce site for a definite or indefinite period or otherwise restrict or suspend the operation of the e-commerce.

The user of the website does not incur any costs related to the use of the communication means in connection with the use of this site, except for the costs of the usual basic tariff, which the user usually pays.

Purchases in e-shop or any transmission of personal data on e-commerce sites is only allowed to legally able persons over 18 years of age.

Drzno d.o.o. assumes no responsibility for any malfunction of your hardware or software due to visiting and operating e-commerce sites or for any damage caused by the products or in any way related to the products purchased in the e-commerce, except those expressly determined by cogent determine the applicable legislation on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

Any disputes between the parties originating in or are in any connection with e-commerce shall be resolved amicably, otherwise the parties agree that the dispute will be resolved by the competent court in Maribor using Slovenian law.


Presentation of products or services:

Each product or service is presented in the e-commerce with basic and additional information if the product or service is of a specific nature: product name, image, description, additional attributes (duration, color, size…) and price.

To add the desired product or service to the cart, simply click on the “Add to cart” button.

Shopping cart:

The shopping cart plays the same role as the shopping cart in your favorite store, storing selected products and showing you their number.

  • You can view the contents of the cart at any time and add or remove selected products or services
  • You can change the quantityof selected products or services and by clicking on the “Update shopping cart” button, the total purchase value will be recalculated according to the changed quantity.
  • You can delete products in the cart by pressing the “delete” button.

Purchase process

If you are sure that you want to buy the products or services you have in the cart, then click on the button Submit Order.

  1. Login or registration: The system will redirect you to the form where you log in to “My Account” or create it. To access “My Account”, you need an email address and a password that you specify. You need basic information to register.
  2. Recipient:After registration, the system will redirect you to a page where you can select or enter the recipient’s address, which may be different from the customer’s address.
  3. Delivery:After registering the recipient, the system will ask for confirmation of the delivery method.
  4. Payment method:In the next step, determine the method of payment.

Payment for the goods is available by proforma invoice, upon receipt or with the CCBill payment system, which supports most credit cards.


  1. Completion of the order:The purchase process is completed by clicking on the “Submit order“. After this step, the system will display “Your order has been received” with a link to view the order.

– the customer can cancel the placed order via e-mail:

– cancellation of the official estimate is considered to be its non-payment.

Dostava ali osebni prevzem

TPredrzna online Erotic shop provides consumers with complete discretion!

Packages in delivery are sent in completely neutral packaging without logos.

On the GLS delivery service consignment note added on the package, the sender is:

Drzno d.o.o., Pot k ribniku 7, 3252 Sl-Rogatec.

Our contractual partner for the delivery of products is the logistics company GLS group EU, which distributes shipments in accordance with their terms of business.

You can find them here:

Delivery with GLS delivery service:

GLS fast delivery service offers you various delivery options.

Before delivery to your home, a courier will call you to arrange the pick-up of the package.

With the help of the link you receive to your mobile number and e-mail address, you can redirect your package to any GLS collection point, as it has 400 package stores and 45 parcel machines throughout Slovenia:

– Package shops are included in existing shops or service stations that have very long working hours (at least up to 18 hours).

– Package machines are located in high-traffic areas, where you can pick up the package 24 hours a day.

Here you can find the nearest GLS package store or parcel machine:

Delivery cost:

The cost of delivery is borne by the buyer, which amounts to 3.75 € per purchase.

Delivery time:

For products in stock, the delivery of goods is 1-2 working days, in other cases the delivery time is stated next to the product in the online store.

In case of a longer delivery time, we will inform you by e-mail or telephone.

Products ordered from Monday to Friday will be sent the same day by 4.00 pm, which means that you will most likely receive the shipment in Slovenia the next day. Subsequent orders will be shipped the next business day.

Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or during the holidays will be shipped on following business day.

Package tracking:

All orders are sent by registered mail, so you can follow them via the GLS website:

or the link you will receive in sms and email from them.

After processing the order, you will receive an e-mail notification of the delivery of the product, which will also state your unique package number.

The package tracking number or tracking will be active the next day.

Return and exchange of goods

The cancellation of the order is subject to the provisions of the general terms and conditions and the applicable legal provisions on the return of goods of Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act.

If you want to return or replace the purchased product, you can do so within 14 days at the address given on the shipment, so that we can exchange it for another product or return the purchase price.

In case of exchange for a more expensive item, the difference must be paid extra.

The postage cost when returning the item and the cost of resending is borne by the buyer.

The buyer has the right to notify the company within 14 days of purchase, to the e-mail address:, that he withdraws from the contract and at the same time undertakes to return the product within 14 days of notification of withdrawal from the contract.

In Knowledge:

  • When returning the goods, the buyer is obliged to enclose a copy of the invoice.
  • The buyer is obliged to bear the shipping cost incurred upon return.
  • Returned products must be unused and in the original packaging, which has not yet been opened and unaltered in shape.
  • Returned items must be shipped without ransom.
  • We return the purchase price for the returned goods to the consumer no later than 14 days from the receipt of the goods and exclusively to the submitted transaction account.

In the case of a complaint to the delivery service, the customer contacts the GLS Logistics Center and arranges the complaint under their conditions.

You can view the GLS conditions here:

When the GLS logistics center confirms your complaint, we will send you a new product in the next working day.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

Company Drzno d.o.o. in accordance with the third paragraph of Article 32. of the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act (ZIsRPS), it informs consumers that it does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving a consumer dispute that could be initiated by the consumer.

Terms of payment

All prices are in Euros and include value added tax, except for those where it is explicitly stated that the prices do not include value added tax. All pro forma invoices, bills and other documents are compiled in accordance with the applicable legislation in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

We provide the following three methods of payment to the customers of TPredrzna online Erotic shops:

  1. 1. Payment on delivery

We send the order with the redemption value (redemption), which you pay to the courier upon delivery or at the pick-up point.

  1. Payment by proforma invoice

At the end of the order, you will receive a return message with a proforma invoice to confirm the order.

At the end of the order, you will receive a return message with a proforma invoice to confirm the order. By paying the proforma invoice, confirm your order and it will be shipped in accordance with the terms of delivery,

which can be found here:

– the received purchase offer expires within three days.

  1. Payment by debit card

Payment is made via an encrypted, secure connection, directly from you, to the highly secure CCBill pay Payment System, which makes the payment:

The entire flow of information is therefore highly protected, which means that the data is encrypted from your web browser to a secure web server, so external interference is not possible.

When paying with CCBill pay, the credit card number and data for your use are stored at the time of registration on any website that offers the option of the CCBill pay Payment System. That way, you won’t have to look for your credit card anymore.

You can find out more about processing your payment through the CCBill pay Payment System at this link:

The CCBill payment system supports the following payment cards:

The buyer can withdraw from the contract free of charge in the following ways:

  • E-mails a request to cancel the order,
  • or not to pay the issued official proforma invoice within 3 days of its receipt.

About Products:

  • Prices on the site already include VAT
  • Products have all the necessary documentations, certificates and have a warranty of up to 2 year (link to the warranty)