Flexible prostate stimulator

Silky prostate stimulator is the perfect tool for achieving the highest sexual climaxes. With it`s vibrational abilities and active movement up to 360 °, it intensively reaches and processes the entire arousing interior of the body. It`s bulging shape additionally stimulates every penetration making it even more sensual.


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– Flexible prostate stimulator offers 10 modes of vibration and flexibility up to 360 °.
– The product is 100 % waterproof – IPX6, with noise less than 50 db.

– Material: Medical silicone, 3 x ABS motors
– Charger: magnetic USB charging
– Charging time: 2 hours
– Operating time: more than 60 minutes
– Size: up to 15/3 cm
– Weight: 118,5 g
– Certificate: CE, RoHS

After use, clean it with a mild antibacterial soap and wash it off with water. Air dry it and store in a cool, dry place.